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Barcelona Sounds

This city, our city, which will welcome the psychoanalysts in a really short time, sounds strong. The political events flood day by day with sounds sometimes strident, others painful but also sound of happiness and enthusiasm. The fact is that Barcelona has its own music.

The political dispute, as no other way can be, had consequences in the city, there were changes at Barcelona´s Council: mayoress Ada Colau, after asking her bases at Barcelona en Comú, has suspended the arrangement of local government with socialists (PSC) because of their supporting the use of the article 155 from the Spanish Constitution.

Ada Colau has turned to govern alone with only eleven of the fourty-one councilors who are part of the plenary, trying to establish punctual arrangements for the occasion. Instability is bigger and it is clear that, more than ever, she will have to use her abilities as a hada (fairy).

In the meantime, the city has lost the European Medicines Agency but still has the Mobile World Congress; Messi has finally signed his contract and, if that´s not enough, a rain of Michelin star has fallen in the restaurants of Barcelona.


January 21st, 2018.