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Much ado about everything, and more…

2017 has been a year we will not forget easily in terms of politics. Especially in Cataluña, but also in all Spain.

The political debate, the terrorist attacks, the referendum, the Catalan Government destitution, and the catalan elections last December, draw last year´s paint.

Part of the Catalan Government is in jail and another part, including destitute Carles Puigdemont, is in Brussels. Now political parties are trying to arrange themselves in order to constitute the new Parliament, pacts are being discussed and the campaign, someway, still goes on. Lot of people are waiting for those politicians and common citizens who are in jail to finally get out.

This New Year has started bringing all those unsolved things and their consequences. But also, in this fresh 2018, corruption problem in politics sounds strong: even the party that is now at the Spanish Government or the one Catalan that has governed for years in democracy, are in the justice. Some of them are already with a sentence, others in the middle of a judicial process.

There will be still more noise for this young year, but this time we´ll be waiting for more than “ado”, hope before it ends.


January 21st, 2018.