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Bibliomania is the publication gathering the work of the team responsible for “bibliography and other documentation” in preparation for the XIth Congress of the WAP. The name we have chosen resonates with the title of the Congress in the mode of a Witz. Although the term does exist in the Other, we are using it here as a sort of neo-semanteme which indicates our enthusiasm for the project.

This project involves a wide search in order the choose the best: that which teaches us. This is not only the latest, the most in accord with the perspectives opened by Lacan’s late teaching and its consequences. That which teaches us also involves understanding how we have got to where we are, the efforts of elucidation of the clinic of psychosis and its impasses.

We are thus not going to start with the latest, but are rather going to proceed towards it by way of the exercise of interrogating the old with the new.

The search will be wide but not exhaustive. Its product will be organised in the form of a documentation of references and another, complementary document that we will seek in the publications of five of the languages of the WAP.

We trust that this work will be of use, although we are aware that in no way will it save the reader from having to “play their part”.

Co-ordinator: Margarita Álvarez ([email protected])