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Dedalus 13

Boletín multilíngüe del XI Congreso de la AMP

While saying that “the impenetrable enigmas of psychosis” would be elucidated by psychoanalytic knowledge, Freud indicated that psychotics have a greater knowledge of “internal psychic reality” and so could teach us about things that were otherwise inaccessible (Freud, “Outline of Psychoanalysis”, 1938). In our rapidly approaching encounter in Barcelona we will elucidate this knot between psychoanalytical knowledge and the knowledge of psychosis.

Freud et la psychose ordinaire ou la belle multiplicité des processus psychiques*


François Cheng, l’ami chinois de Lacan
Glass architecture
Los muros de Sainte-Anne
Un Barón infame
Entrevista a Clara María Holguín (NEL)
Interview à Sofie Muller: La singularité d’une artiste. Sur la fragilité, les blessures et cicatrices