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Dedalus 15

Boletín multilíngüe del XI Congreso de la AMP

With this issue we reach the end of this window opening onto what is brewing with the Congress. Something more than a simple preparation. Thanks to those who have written and to those who have made their voice heard through interviews, their texts and their words have been an orientation for many; Thanks also to the readers, and to all those who have made it possible for us to enjoy this journey.

From now on, the web page will continue to be alive through other means, via Info XIC those registered will receive concrete and precise news to guide them at the Congress.

Pousse-à-la femme, Poussée-vers-la-femme, Fuite-devant-la-femme


Marie de la Trinité: de l’abîme au-delà de l’angoisse
Ossip: Cuerpo-collage
Entrevista a Miguel Furman (EOL)
Entrevista a Paula Borsoi (EBP)
Mélancolie ordinaire?