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The PAPERS have been renewed. The project of the PAPERS 7.7.7. is conceived as a study programme accompanying the preparation of the Barcelona Congress in 2018. Not exhaustive and inevitably incomplete, this project does not aim to cover everything that could be said about this theme. It rather seeks to provoke reflection and to elicit the desire to invent a knowledge with the aim of sustaining the “permanent conversation” that animates us in the experience of psychoanalysis, preserving the necessary tension between the One and the multiple of the 7 Schools of the WAP that make the School One vibrant. In the course of the different texts that will constitute them, PAPERS 7.7.7. will examine and develop the theme of the Congress across seven thematic axes. How and in what way do we approach the psychoses – the ordinary psychoses and the others – in the 21st Century. Victoria Horne Reinoso (victoria.hornereinoso@gmail.com)