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They talk us about Barcelona

Barcelona always invites us to be seen and experienced, but also, to be narrated. This is Radio France´s proposal in its channel France Culture, which in four episodes tells us about Barcelona located between fiction and reality, through writers and journalists´ voices.

The interesting thing about the proposal is that it is about French and Catalans offering their particular vision of our city. A narration made from an extimate position, in a dialectical game between inside and outside, between being local or a visitor.

The first episode entitled “Barcelona is a party” shows a Barcelona portrayed as an ambivalent city, between cosmopolitanism and the fervent preservation of its traditions, between sea and hills, ardor and indolence, by the hand of the writer Pierre Ducrozet and Sophie Savary, literary agent specialized in the Spanish-speaking world.

In the second episode, “Writers in Barcelona”, the writers Mathias Enard and Pierre Ducrozet take us on a journey through the plurality and the pulse of the city, from the sea to the heights, from Las Ramblas to Raval and from the Gótico quarter to the Sagrada Familia; different environments of a vibrant city.

In the third episode, “Montalbán the topographer”, it is Michèle Gazier, a literary critic who tells us about the Montalbán´s Barcelona, between the lived city and the mythical literary city of the Catalan Manuel Vazquez Montalbán. Also Daniel Vazquez Salles, writer and journalist, only son of Manuel Vazquez Montalbán, presents us the Barcelona that his father adored; a literary and culinary walk through the Catalan capital.

Finally, in the fourth episode, “The truth never ends”, Javier Cercas, writer and columnist from the newspaper El País, together with Rafael Argullol Murgadas, also Catalan writer, poet, columnist and academic, will take us to discover the city, giving life to the impulse of nowadays Catalan literature, a truth that never ends.

A station and voices of writing invite us to hear the pulse of a city that moves between fiction and reality.

What do you think if we listen to them?