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Since the epistemic category of ordinary psychoses was introduced by Jacques-Alain Miller in 1998, it has not ceased to agitate our conceptual and clinical understanding of psychosis. Twenty years after this change of the perspective, it is a good moment to observe how we have been able to rethink our practice here in Campo Freudiano. All this happens in the context of an epoch whose novelty (observed in a posteriori) has been already anticipated in this concept. Since the concept was introduced, it has been taking an essential part in the way in which we guide our clinic, how we conceive each case, and how we purpose the orientation of the treatment.

According to Lacan’s last teaching (yet without neglecting his more classical works), the debate today on the ordinary and the other psychoses opens again an important conversation within WAP. The volume Scilicet, among many others, is a particularly useful work to reflect on and retake.


Person in charge: Enric Berenguer (enricberenguer@gmail.com) & Rosalba Zaidel (rosalba.zaidel@gmail.com)