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A “superblock” in Barcelona

Very close to the CCIB,the place where we will meet for the Congress,there is a very controversial “superisland”.It is not about a piece of land in the middle of the sea like the beautiful Ibiza, it´s a urban area made of several blocks with houses,but a little bit smaller than a neighborhood.

The “superblock” is named “Superilla del Poblenou” because of the neighborhood in which it´s located.

The “superblocks” Program-there will be more!-is a urbanistic strategy to guarantee eco-mobility and promote biodiversity.

It´s been more than a year since the Barcelona´s city government started this project,and since then there´s been a group of neighbors that claims against this urban change arguing more disadvantages than benefits:traffic jam, economic losses and isolation.

We don´t know how this story will finish but by this time Superilla is full of children´s entertainment,green areas and places to stay.

Next April will be a good time to go through it and see what you think about.

February 7, 2018