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Dedalus 10

Boletín multilíngüe del XI Congreso de la AMP

With only a couple of months to go before the celebration of the XIth Congress, the pulsation of preparations of the entire WAP to attend the event is reaching Barcelona. We are delighted to announce that there will be many of us. How could it be otherwise? The theme of ordinary psychosis, the future of psychoanalysis and the politics conducive to it, add the dimension of convocation. The organising teams are multiplying, desire runs through the city, we all wish the Congress to take place under the best of conditions.

L’objet (a), semblant et «osbjet»


Vacío y silencio
“Otro centramiento”*
The Dark Spring by Unica Zürn: a somewhat peculiar sexuality
Interview to Edgar Vinyals, considerate as a referent of the movement “in first person” in Spain